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  • Cessna 185

    Though the Cessna 185 Skywagon is considered by many to be the premier bush plane, it’s also popular with many other pilots and owners who’ll never fly anywhere near Alaska or northern Canada. Cessna began manufacturing the six-seat 185 Skywagon in March of 1961. The company produced 4,400 Skywagons before it ceased production of the […]

  • Citabria

    In 1964, Champion Aircraft Corporation rolled out the first Citabria, a two-seat high-wing airplane based on the Aeronca Challenger which had come out shortly after World War II. The fabric-covered Citabria is an excellent aerobatic and training plane, but bush pilots also favor its short takeoff and landing (STOL) characteristics whether it’s on wheels, skis, […]

  • Float Planes

    A floatplane (also known as a seaplane or hydroplane) can have one or more floats. The floats, or pontoons, are usually mounted beneath the fuselage but can also be mounted beneath the wings. (A flying boat uses its fuselage to create buoyancy in place of floats.) An amphibious plane has floats with retractable wheels, which […]

  • AV8B Harrier

    The AV-8B Harrier II Plus is a short takeoff vertical landing (STOL) fighter aircraft. The Harrier can hover like a helicopter, but also fly at high speeds as a fixed-wing airplane, combining the best characteristics of both types of aircraft. The Harrier’s vertical lift is provided by four rotating nozzles. The nozzles are repositioned to […]

  • Eurofighter Typhoon

    The Eurofighter Typhoon is a twin-engine stealth fighter capable of achieving subsonic and supersonic speeds. Its carbon fiber composite airframe with lightweight titanium, Glass Reinforced Plastics (“GRP”), and alloy construction minimizes the airplane’s overall weight. These advanced materials improve fuel performance and the aircraft’s maximum range which allows ...