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  • E-2C Hawkeye

    The E-2C Hawkeye is primarily used as an aerial early warning system and a control center for commanders in battle. The United States Navy employs the E-2C Hawkeye as a carrier-based aircraft for the use of the Joint Force Commander and Carrier Strike Group. The E-2C is also used for search and rescue operations, law […]

  • MQ-5B Hunter

    The MQ-5B Hunter is an unmanned aircraft used for surveillance, reconnaissance, battle damage assessment, and identification of enemy targets. The medium altitude MQ-5B is based on the RQ-5A Hunter, which Northrop Grumman built for the U.S. Army in 1996. The newer generation Hunter can be operated by enlisted soldiers and minimal maintenance is required of […]

  • T38 Talon

    The T-38 Talon is a swept wing, twin-engine supersonic jet trainer capable of flying at high altitudes. It completed its first flight in 1959, and between 1961 and 1972, the U.S. Air Force received 1,100 of these impressive aircraft. Though improvements and upgrades for the T-38A, T-38B, and T-38C Talon continue to this day, Northrop […]

  • X47A

    Unlike most of the military aircraft that Northrop Grumman designs and manufactures, the X-47A Pegasus was not built because of demand from the U.S. military. Instead, Northrop constructed the X-47A Pegasus at their own cost. Northrop wanted to prove that building prototypes of unmanned vehicles could be done cheaply and quickly without sacrificing quality. Northrop […]