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Unknown Aircraft

Unknown Aircraft

Photograph Description

Large jet aircraft over Chicago on 9/22/07 flying at high altitude.



kelgar63 pic

Don't know if you ever look back here or even care but I collect images of strange aircraft- that's how I "googled" onto this one. But it isn't that strange and I do not think it's an AN-124. I'd be fairly sure it's a 747SP - take a look at this link:

There are a few of these still around - I believe mostly freight stateside or still as passenger versions in the middle east or asia. It's an interesting color however... you may have seen the NASA's Strospheric observatory (Near the bottom)

posted by kelgar63

flyer57 pic

It's sure high but it looks like an Antinov AN-124 Russina version of the C-5A

posted by flyer57

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