Wings Over Wairarapa 2013

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Taking place over Wellington Anniversary weekend under the banner of ‘Honoring the past, Celebrating the future’, Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 will be celebrating its eighth event. The program features some of the rarest vintage aircraft in the world, as well as contemporary and futuristic aircraft. For more information on this popular event visit

Dates: 18-20 January 2012
Venue: Hood Aerodrome
City: Masterton
Country: New Zealand

Explore the Air Force Museum of New Zealand

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With a collection of twenty-eight classic aircraft, and millions of aviation-related mementos of all descriptions, the Air Force Museum of New Zealand has been preserving and presenting the fascinating history of the country’s Military Aviation since 1987. The museum is located at the Wigram Aerodrome just outside Christchurch. The aerodrome is named in honor of British-born New Zealand politician, businessman and aviator, Sir Henry Francis Wigram (1857-1934), in acknowledgement of his significant role in the establishment of the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF).

Visitors to the museum are likely to spend hours viewing the huge assortment of memorabilia, including aircraft engines and other aircraft parts, weapons, pin-ups, documents, medals and even wedding dresses made from parachute-silk. The collection of aircraft is a reminder of the bravery of the men who flew them into battle, and as defensive measures against enemy attack. A replica home dating back to the 1940s provides insight into what life was like back then for men and women in the armed services, as well as their families. One of the more popular features of the museum is a flight simulator where visitors can climb in behind the controls and imagine being in the thick of a raging aerial battle.

Of the twenty-eight aircraft on display, seventeen are in the main complex of the museum, with the remainder being in hangars. The museum’s Behind the Scenes Tour takes visitors to view the stored aircraft, as well as the current restoration projects being carried out by skilled and dedicated aviation enthusiasts. The aircraft collection includes the Avro 626, North American Harvard, P-51 Mustang, Grumman Avenger, Hawker Siddely Andover, Lockheed Hudson, Vickers Vildebeest bi-planes, Bleriot XI, Cessna O2A and a replica of the Sopwith Pup.

The aircraft components collection of the museum includes propellers, instruments, radios, armaments, and a variety of airframe structures, while the engines on display illustrate the development of aviation engineering from the World War I era through to modern jet engines. More than 200 medal groups are on display, including the prestigious Victoria Cross. Other items visitors can view include a host of research documents, as well as oil paintings, prints and original cartoons.

Ever aware of environmental issues that are threatening our planet, the Air Force Museum of New Zealand has been awarded the Enviro-Gold standard by New Zealand tourism’s official quality agency, Qualmark. This status is reviewed annually and the museum is always open to suggestions on how to improve their environmental awareness and sustainability measures. Certainly the Air Force Museum of New Zealand offers an educational outing that the entire family will enjoy.

Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow 2012

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The Royal New Zealand Airforce will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in conjunction with the Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow 2012. Visitors will be able to view historic warbirds, classic aircraft and modern jets in this feast of aviation attractions. Also on display will be military vehicles, an aviation trade expo and vintage machinery.

Dates: 6 to 8 April 2012
Venue: Wanaka Airport
Location: Wanaka
Country: New Zealand

Omaka Classic Fighters Airshow 2011

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The Omaka Classic Fighters is considered one of the most interesting an innovative airshows in the world. Visitors to the event will be able to watch history performed live as the Allies take on the offensive during the two World Wars. The show will feature over 70 aircraft flying on each day of the event, with thrilling theatrical scenarios. There will also be stalls, a fun zone for children, and classic/vintage cars on display.

Date: 22-24 April 2011
Times: Fri: 9:00 am-9:00 pm; Sat-Sun: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Venue: Omaka Aerodrome
City: Blenheim
State: Marlborough
Country: New Zealand

Trust House Wings Over Wairarapa 2011

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The Wings Over Wairapa airshow is considered the largest in Australasia and has gained a fine reputation. Taking place from 21 to 23 January 2011, it is a tribute show to the men, women and machines that have played a roll in the history of aviation.

There will be more than 70 aircraft on display, with a variety of rare and important flying machines. Other entertainment at the event will include an air race, trade sites, static displays, military vehicles, move props, children’s fun and more.

Date: 21 to 23 January 2011
Time: 8h30 to 16h30
Venue: Hood Aerodrome
City: Masterton
Region: Wellington
Country: New Zealand

New Zealand Airports

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New Zealand boasts a number of top-class airports, offering travelers fine facilities as they move from one destination to the next. Long distance international flights are mainly operated from Christchurch International Airport and Auckland Airport. Intermediate and domestic flights, with limited international flights, are operated from airports such as Dunedin International Airport, Hamilton International Airport, Queenstown International Airport, Wellington International Airport and Palmerston North International Airport. Domestic flights are serviced by smaller airports, for example Greymouth Airport, New Plymouth Airport, Wanaka Airport and Gisborne Airport, to name a few.

The Auckland Airport is managed by Auckland International Airport Limited, and is by far the busiest and biggest of the New Zealand airports. This airport annually accommodates more than 13 million passengers and is situated near the business district of Auckland. Airlines that operate from the Auckland International Airport, includes Air New Zealand, Emirates, Qantas, Thai Airlines, Virgin Blue, Malaysia Airlines and Jetstar Airways.

The other long distance international New Zealand airport is Christchurch International Airport that was established in 1935. Even though this airport is not as big as Auckland International Airport, it still has just under 6 million passengers walk through its doors in a year, and also has major airlines such as Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, Emirates, Jetstar, Qantas, Virgin Blue and Singapore Airlines operating from its terminals.

Airports such as Palmerston North International Airport are domestic airports with limited international flights. Palmerston North International Airport for instance, handles approximately 550 000 passengers in a year, with about 700 monthly scheduled flights. They have a limited number of airlines that operate from their terminals, such as Air Nelson, Air New Zealand, Freedom Air, Eagle Airways and Mount Cooke Airline.

Wanaka Airport, for example, is a domestic airport. It has a daily flight, once a day, to and from Christchurch, but concentrates mainly on chartered flight operations, chartered helicopter flights, helicopter training facilities and recreational facilities for privately owned aircrafts and skydiving and parachuting enthusiasts.

Airports in New Zealand:

Auckland Airport

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As the largest airport in New Zealand, Auckland Airport is also the busiest. It sees roughly 13 million passengers pass through its doors each year and this figure is likely to increase steadily in years to come. Its cargo port contributes the second largest amount to New Zealand’s economy each year and it carries about 70% of the country’s international travelers. Though the site was used as a runway by the Auckland Aero Club long before the time, the Auckland Airport was officially opened in 1966. Its geographical location was preferable to that of Whenuapai and it soon took over from this older airport in the north-western side of the city. Today the Auckland Airport is one of New Zealand’s major economic contributors as it provides thousands of jobs and is one of the biggest employers in the region.

The Auckland Airport is located in Manukau City in Auckland and it mainly serves the nearby Auckland city center. It is a public airport and it is operated by Auckland International Airport Limited. The airport is situated at a very low elevation of 23 ft (7 m), though this does not negatively affect the aircraft in any way. It is also used as a central hub for Air New Zealand and most of the flights leaving from the airport are related to this company. The airport has two runways. The first is 11 926 ft (3 635 m) in length and has a concrete surface. The second is 10 197 ft (3 108 m) in length and features an asphalt surface. The airport building itself is very modern and clean, though it should probably be noted that the airport collects an ‘Airport Improvement Fee’ from its passengers in order to keep the building in tip-top shape.

Many visitors arriving in New Zealand do so with the intention of mountain-biking across the country. For those that bring their own bicycles, there is an assembly and dismantling facility located in the arrivals area just outside the international terminal. All cyclist should keep in mind that it is illegal to cycle without a helmet in New Zealand. The Auckland International Airport also provides several other great services such as an inter-denominational chapel, a baby-changing facility, a variety of children’s entertainment facilities and Internet kiosks. Visitors can also make use of restaurants, shops, a massage service, showers and a first aid service. Flight announcements are both displayed and announced on facilities located throughout the terminal.

Christchurch International Airport

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If you are planning to travel to New Zealand’s southern island, Christchurch International Airport is your most likely place of arrival. It is Christchurch’s main airport and is located just 12 kilometers northwest of the city center in a small suburb known as Harewood. The airport caters to both domestic and international flights, but is also used for cargo transportation on a small scale. Garden City Helicopters is based right next to the airport, though they have several helipads around the city in strategic locations. The city’s other main helicopter service, Christchurch Helicopters, operates from the western side of the airfield near the Canterbury Aero Club’s grass runway. Though expensive, helicopter transportation provides much easier access to some of the more rugged parts of the country as well as to small cities and towns should you be in a hurry or not able to travel in a more conventional manner.

The Christchurch International Airport is a public airport that is currently operated by Christchurch International Airport Limited. It mainly serves the city of Christchurch though it may also act as an access point to South Island for international passengers. It is situated at a somewhat higher elevation than its northern counterpart, the Auckland Airport, at 123 ft (37 m). The main airport makes use of two different runways. The Primary Runway is 10 785 ft (3 287 m) in length while the Secondary Runway is a much shorter 5 712 ft (1 741 m) in length. Both feature an asphalt surface. The Secondary Runway crosses the Primary Runway at a ninety degree angle to allow aircraft to take off in adverse wind conditions. There is also a much smaller grass surfaced runway running parallel to the Primary runway. This runway is used by the Aeroclub and measures 1 690 ft (515 m) in length.

There are two main terminals – the domestic and international terminals. The domestic terminal has 5 jet ways while the international terminal has 9. The Christchurch International Airport has also been used for military aircraft in the past, though it continues to serve primarily as a public airport.

Those traveling to and from the airport may make use of taxi and shuttle services as well as the three city bus routes that service the airport. For those with their own vehicles there is a Short Term Carpark and a Multi-level Carpark.

Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow

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The Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow 2008, which is set to take place from 21 to 23 March at the Wanaka Airport, is considered by many to be the greatest warbird airshow in New Zealand, and even in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Mankind has had some incredible achievements in the past 100 years or so with regard to aviation, agriculture and general technology. Warbirds Over Wanaka is in honor of these achievements, which should be remembered and celebrated.

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New Zealand International Air Show 2008

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One of the southern hemisphere’s most spectacular air shows is set to take place from Friday 7 March through to Sunday 9 March 2008 at the Hamilton International Airport in New Zealand. Aviation enthusiasts from far and wide are looking forward to the New Zealand International Air Show 2008 which promises three days of fun and excitement.

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