Dubai Airshow 2013

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Dubai World Central is a purpose-built venue that will be hosting the Dubai Airshow for the first time on 17-21 November 2013. Featuring more than 1,000 exhibitors from around the world, the show attracts more than 60,000 trade visitors along with significant international and local media coverage. For more information on this biennial event visit

Date: 17-21 November 2013
Venue: Dubai World Central

Abbotsford Airshow 2012

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Abbotsford Airshow is celebrating 50 years in 2012 with some extra-special features. Performers include the USAF Thunderbirds, Canadian Forces Snowbirds, Canadian Forces cf-18 Hornet Demo; US Navy VFA-122 F/A-18 Superhornet TAC Demo. Aerobatic displays include Red Eagle Sports; Pet McLeod Racing; Kent Pietsch and more… For all the information on the show visit

Dates: 10-12 August 2012
Venue: Abbotsford
State: British Columbia
Country: Canada

Oregon International Air Show 2012

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Featuring the USAF Thunderbirds, the oregon International Air Show offers loads of family-fun entertainment. The 2012 performer line-up includes US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team; Renny Price & Hammerhead Aerobatics; John Klatt Air Show; Pemberton Aerosports; Oregon Air National Guard F-15 Fly By; Pemberton Aerosports; Air National Guard Aerobatics Team & Max Adrenaline. For more information on this exciting event visit

Dates: 3-5 august 2012
Venue: Hillsboro Airport
State: Oregon
Country: United States

Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow 2012

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The Royal New Zealand Airforce will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in conjunction with the Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow 2012. Visitors will be able to view historic warbirds, classic aircraft and modern jets in this feast of aviation attractions. Also on display will be military vehicles, an aviation trade expo and vintage machinery.

Dates: 6 to 8 April 2012
Venue: Wanaka Airport
Location: Wanaka
Country: New Zealand

Solar Impulse Makes International Flight

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Even though the future for solar powered aircraft is a little uncertain, the fact that the Solar Impulse was able to complete an international flight is a feat of engineering and of spectacular success for the Swiss. Switzerland has most certainly created an aircraft that they can be proud of. As with any maiden voyage there were a few teething problems, but nothing so serious that it would jeopardize the flight and its victory.

The Solar Impulse weighs a mere one thousand six hundred kilograms and has a wingspan of sixty-one meters. This already is a wonderful engineering accomplishment. The wings carry twelve thousand solar cells that provide energy for the aircraft to be able to fly. This lightweight aircraft left Payerne and made the twelve hour and fifty-nine minute flight to Brussels without any complications. The aircraft was tested at various heights such as six thousand feet and was able to navigate a very busy airspace. It can only reach speeds of twenty-five knots, but is able to avoid radar detection due to its light weight and because it does not move at high speeds. Even though the Solar Impulse would not be able to be used for military purposes due to it not being easily maneuverable or being able to reach fast speeds, it remains a remarkable achievement for the aviation industry.

The Solar Impulse project was founded by Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, who commented that the project was not directed towards commercial production, but rather to bring awareness to the aviation industry and to highlight the benefits of renewable power. And with its maiden flight being such a success, they plan to take the Solar Impulse on a world trip in 2013. When the same flight is compared to a Boeing 747, the flight would have needed approximately two thousand gallons of fuel. It cannot be truly compared, as a Boeing would be carrying passengers and cargo, but it is a rough estimate to compare the environmental affectability of the Solar Impulse. The Solar Impulse will remain in Brussels up until the 29th of May 2011, from where it will fly to the Paris Air Show in July.

RAF Waddington International Airshow

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Taking place at RAF Waddington, this airshow was first held in 1995. Since then it has grown in size and popularity, raising public awareness of the RAF. There is much for visitors to look forward to including the RAFAT Red Arrows, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Hawk T Mk1/1A, RN Black Cats, Apache AH1, F16 Solo Display (Belgium), USAFADS – thunderbirds (USA), Team Viper, The Blades and much more. Static aircraft displays will include the Merlin HC3, Puma HC2, E3D Sentry, Lynx Mk8, Sea King ASACS, and so forth. Additional attractions at the RAF Waddington Airshow are the trade and craft fairs, Hangar 4 Exhibition, Hangar 5 Youth Exhibition, Classic Car & Vintage Military Vehicle Exhibition, Funfair and helicopter rides.

Dates: 2 & 3 July 2011
Time: 08:00 am to 07:00 pm
Venue: Royal Air Force Waddington
City: Lincoln
Country: England

California International Airshow 2009

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Starting with a mega pyrotechnics display on 7 August, the program for the three-day California International Airshow is packed with excitement.

Date: 7 – 9 August 2009
Venue: Salinas Municipal Airport
City: Salinas, California
Country: USA

Malpensa International Airport

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You can find Malpensa International Airport in the province of Varese, close to Milan, Italy. In the Milan area there are three airports altogether. The Malpensa International Airport can be reached from Milan on either the Milano-Varese highway, which goes directly to the airport, or by the “Malpensa Express”, a train that deals directly with the international airport. The Malpensa airport is also connected to Linate, the other international airport, by a scheduled bus service. The last international airport in the Milan area is the Orio al Serio International Airport that deals more with charter traffic and low-cost flying.

The Malpensa Express links Malpensa Airport to the Milan Cadorna Station, a 40 minute journey, and departs from Terminal 1 every 30 minutes. The Malpensa Bus Express and Malpensa Shuttle also connect the airport to the Milan Central Station and the Subway, taking about an hour depending how bad the traffic is. Within the airport there is a free shuttle bus that links Terminal 1 and 2, leaving every twenty minutes throughout the day and night. Of course there are always the Taxis that are on hand at the Arrivals at Terminal 1 and 2 but they are quite expensive and the traveling conditions are not the best in and around Milan.

Malpensa is one of the two hubs of Alitalia, the Italian national carrier. Altogether the international airport had over 21.7 million passengers in 2006, over 31 million if you include Linate. Malpensa International Airport is rated the top Italian airport when dealing with international traffic and second largest when handling passengers as well as being the leading freight air gateway into Italy.

Over the years the ground handling services have proved useful in providing a variety of services like disabled assistance, providing ramps and passenger handling, although there is much to do in improving the quality and the services provided. Airport security services have changed hands since 2000; it is no longer with the State Police but is now being handled by SEA. The Italian State Police, the Italian Customs Police and Italy’s Civil Aviation Authority control the SEA Airport Security with private security companies helping to provide services like airplane guarding and ID checking.

Barcelona International Airport

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Barcelona International Airport (BCN), also known as El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto, or more simply El Prat, is the city’s main airport. Situated just 13km from the center of Barcelona, this airport is the second largest in the country. Numerous airlines fly between Barcelona Airport and a wide variety of destinations. At present the Barcelona International Airport is being expanded and an additional south terminal will be up and running by 2009.

The original El Prat airport of Barcelona was opened in 1918. At first it was the base of the Zeppelin fleet belonging to the Spanish Navy. The airport began dealing with commercial flights in 1927. The terminal was reconstructed in 1968. As the country prepared for the Summer Olympics of 1992 a second terminal was built at Barcelona’s airport. Over time the number of passengers making use of Barcelona International Airport has grown and thus further plans have been made to expand to accommodate these swelling numbers.

Presently, Barcelona International Airport has 3 runways and 3 terminals. Terminal A is used for foreign airline departures as well as international arrivals. Terminal B is for the use of Spanish airline departures, plus European Union arrivals. Terminal C serves Air Shuttle flights and is for General Aviation. The airport in Barcelona has an annual capacity of 27 million. There are 63 gates and 133 check-in desks for the convenience of travelers. Information desks are scattered all through the Airport. Tourist desks can be found in both Terminals A and B. Also located in these terminals are banks, ATMs and a bureaux de change. A variety of other traveler needs are met by means of the post office, pharmacy, medical service, travel agents, tour operators and children’s entertainment areas. Shoppers can take full advantage of duty-free shops, a shoe shop, newsagents, jewelers, tobacconists, a bookshop and a music shop. If you are looking for something to eat or drink, there are several restaurants, cafeterias and bars on offer at Barcelona’s airport. Business people are well catered for with the Sala Europa conference room and various business services, including internet access. The airport in Barcelona also has many facilities for use by the disabled.

Transport to and from Barcelona International Airport is abundant. Taxis in Barcelona are an inexpensive and easy way to travel. The Shuttle bus service runs at regular intervals from the airport to the city and back. Alternatively travelers can make use of the RENFE train from Barcelona Airport to the city center from which you can make use of the metro system. If you prefer navigating through Barcelona on your own, you can hire cars at agents located at the airport. There are a number of top agents for car hire in Barcelona.

Morocco Airports

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As a country of intrigue and mystique – a place of living history, strong religious beliefs and interesting culture – Morocco has always been a popular destination. For centuries people having been exploring the country, making pilgrimages here and simply stopping by for a quick holiday. Morocco has become famous for its people, its curious wedding customs and its beautiful horses. But there is so much more to the country than just these few different elements. Why not join the millions before you and have your own sojourn in Morocco? The easiest and quickest way to get to this stunning country is by air and there are some 60 different Moroccan airports to choose from.

Of course, the most common stop over is that of Casablanca. Immortalized in film, this great Moroccan city is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations and the Casablanca Mohamed V Airport is the best place to touch down. The airport was named for King Mohammed V of Morocco and is a hub for Royal Air Maroc. It sees more than 5 million passengers pass through its doors each year and is a great introduction to the country. Another popular choice is that of the Menara International Airport which is quite a bit smaller than the Mohamed V Airport. The Menara Airport receives a small percentage of European flights and flights from other Arab nations as well as a number of domestic flights. It usually serves just under 2 million passengers a year, though its runway is big enough to cater to bigger aircraft such as a Boeing 747.

There are also a number of other airports in Morocco though these are usually so small that only those flying themselves privately will consider them. Airports such as Al Massira Airport, Angads Airport, Hassan Airport, Ouarzazate Airport, Cherif Al Idrissi Airport, Dakhla Airport, Sale Airport and Mogador Airport do not really cater to very large aircraft. There are also two other international airports worth mentioning – Nador International Airport and Ibn Batouta International Airport – although both receive less traffic than the Mohamed V Airport and the Menara International since they are not as well situated.

Airports in Morocco:

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