MEBA 2012

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As the Middle East’s premier business aviation show, MEBA features a static display of all the very latest in business jets. The event includes a conference detailing the latest trends in business aviation. For more information visit

Dates: 11-13 December 2012
Venue: Al Maktoum International Airport
Country: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

AeroExpo Prague 2010

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Due to its central location, Prague is known as the heart of European aviation, and is therefore a superb location for AeroExpo Prague 2010. The expo is set to take place from 28 to 30 May 2010 at the Pribram Airfield, about 50 kilometers outside the city. This international event attracts exhibitors from far and wide, and visitors can look forward to seeing an amazing variety of aircraft at the expo, including ultralight aircraft, business aircraft and even home built airplanes. Exhibitors will be displaying everything and anything to do with aviation, and there will be daily educational seminars providing insight into this fascinating field. Spectators can enjoy awe-inspiring aerobatics and demonstrations as skilled pilots put their aircraft through their paces. For more information visit

Date: 28-30 May 2010
Venue: Pribram Airfield
City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic

Honda Explores Aviation Options

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Hallmarks of Honda’s products have always been great design, innovation and low cost. This certainly continues to be the case with the company’s new venture into the realm of aviation. The Honda Aircraft Company Inc (HACI) has been hard at work creating the recently released HondaJet.

The new HondaJet is a 5/6 + 2 seat jet with a changeable configuration that can make the aircraft suitable as an air taxi or business jet. As is typical of the company, they’ve broken a few rules and come out on top. One of the first things you’ll notice about the aircraft is that the engines have not been placed at the rear section of the fuselage as is typical of business jets. Instead they have been uniquely positioned above the aircraft’s wings. Previously it was thought that this position would increase drag and reduce range, but it seems that extensive modelling and testing has proved that the concept doesn’t just fly – it flies well. And the change in design means that HondaJet owners can enjoy more cabin space.

Another very prominent feature is the unusual shape of the aircraft’s nose. A far cry from the sleek, narrow facades we’ve become used to seeing in this kind of aircraft, one cannot but help wonder why Honda chose this design. It turns out that not only does the bulbous front create extra room in the cockpit, but that it improves laminar flow over the fuselage. This further helps to reduce drag and so improves range.

Clearly chief designer and Honda Aircraft Company Inc CEO Michimasa Fujino has invested a lot of time and money in developing the aircraft’s design. The end product is an aircraft that has a comparable range and carrying capacity to the Citation CJ1 + (Cessna). However the plane is smaller and retails for around $3.6m instead of the $4.3m price tag on its competitor aircraft. The GE/Honda HF 120 engines that have been fitted to the aircraft also make it possible for the HondaJet to reach higher max cruise speeds than the Cessna – something which may be curtailed in future. With the executive jet market suffering as it is, this economical, well-designed, cheaper aircraft will likely receive a lot more attention from prospective buyers than its competitors.

Supersonic Jet Market Booming

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They may be well beyond the scope of the average businessman, but supersonic business jets are fast becoming hot property. With the ever-increasing demand for fast business jets, the market for small supersonic jets has exploded. Most of the major aircraft companies are gearing up for the demand by developing their own range of small super-fast jets and, despite massive price tags, it would seem consumers are lining up to purchase them.

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Dassault Falcon 900LX for Business Travel

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Dassault Falcon, a division of leading aerospace company Dassault Aviation, has announced the introduction of the Falcon 900LX into the range of highly efficient Falcon business jets. The Falcon 900LX has been designed to meet the growing demand for fuel-efficient, economical and environmentally responsible business air travel.

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Bombardier Challenger 890 for Corporate Travel

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Bombardier, leading manufacturer of innovative aircraft, have delivered the first Bombardier Challenger 890 to Suncor Energy Inc., a major North American oil sands developer with headquarters based in Calgary. The new Challenger 890 will join the Challenger 850 which has been in operation as a Suncor Energy corporate shuttle since March 2006. The addition of the new Challenger airplane is not only an indication of the company’s growth, but is also a reflection of their confidence in Bombardier to meet their transportation needs.

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Learjet NXT – Raising the Benchmark

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Canadian aircraft manufacturer, Bombardier Aerospace, recently launched their new Learjet NXT which aims to redefine the mid-sized business aircraft category. The response to this new high-speed airplane has been very positive, with Bombardier currently holding more than 65 letters of intent for the Learjet NXT, which the company anticipates being converted into firm orders in the near future. The first airplane is scheduled for delivery in October 2008 coinciding with the 45th anniversary of the first Learjet flight.

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